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Letter: A Necessary Step in the Food Cycle

To the Editor:

A quick thank you for the article about the recent conference promoting New England’s meat (“New England Conference Promotes the Region’s Beef,” March 27). As a producer of pasture-based poultry and pork, I have complete respect for those slaughtering my meat animals. Although I have previously taken meat pigs to the Royal Butcher for commercial processing, I recently had the tough task of taking my original sow. Royal Butcher was fantastic. As a farmer, I knew it was the necessary step, and the conversation with Royal about the good life she had led, the piglets she had produced and how she would follow me from the barn to our hillside pasture made this step of a farm animal’s life cycle easier. Thank you for fostering an increased connection to the food produced in the Upper Valley.

Anissa Morrison

Another Button Farm



New England Conference Promotes the Region’s Beef

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When you think about the origin of a thick slice of top-quality beef, marbled with fat and needing only salt and pepper to bring out its succulence, you may have an image of Angus steers roaming an expansive Western range, even if the reality is a crowded feed lot in Kansas or South Dakota. But what if that steak on …