Birth Announcements: Feb. 10, 2013

Cottage Hospital

WHITE — A son, Evan Allen White, born Nov. 28, 2012, to Amanda Russell and Douglas White Jr., of East Ryegate, Vt.

ROY — A son, Thomas Elie Roy, born Dec. 2, 2012, to Amanda Gillen and Elie Roy, of Orford.

SMITH — A daughter, Paige Lexi Smith, born Dec. 4, 2012, to Lindsey Fellows and Jesse Smith, of Corinth.

WHITE — A daughter, Chloe Leanne White, born Dec. 13, 2012, to Amanda Lloyd and Jeremy White, of Woodsville.

ALLEN — A son, Kai Tegu Allen, born Dec. 14, 2012, to Priscilla Marie Beaulieu and Jason Tegu Allen, of North Haverhill.

PAQUIN — A son, Matthew James-Ray Paquin, born Dec. 27, 2012, to Marcella Graziano, of Woodsville.

CLARK — A son, Phoenix Lulu Clark, born Jan. 4, 2013, to Krista Guyette and Sidney Clark, of North Haverhill.

HALL — A son, Hudson Douglas Bernard Hall, born Jan. 5, 2013, to Elizabeth and Stephen Hall, of Pike.

WELCH — A son, Brayden Liam Welch, born Jan. 23, 2013, to Jessica C.M. Welch, of Woodsville.

WHITE — A son, Brayden William White, born Jan. 28, 2013, to Chrystal Gibson and Kyle White, of Newbury, Vt.

LOCHER — A son, Beckett Thomas Locher, born Jan. 31, 2013, to Amy Thomas and Jeff Locher, of Lebanon.