Letter: Essays Worth Reading

To the Editor:

Bless you for continuing to print Jeffrey Good’s essays despite his moving on from the Valley News. His “Reflections on Aging: Gather Ye Blueberries While You May” (Perspectives, Jan. 12) will stay on my table for a long time, as did his earlier pieces. And we still have Marty Frank writing wise words (“Response to a Rarity,” Closeup, Jan. 4); congratulations to him for moving from the editorial page to editor of the paper. I take great pleasure in reading these thoughts, so deep and true, and those of the likes of Willem Lange, Kesaya Noda, Sybil Smith, Dan Mackie, Nicola Smith. Along with your obligatory reports of fires, murders and other mayhem, you give us fine personal literature that makes us think, laugh, cry. These writers make the ordinary profound. Thank you.

Judy Pond



Reflections on Aging: Gather Ye Blueberries While Ye May

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two items deep inside the Valley News caught my attention one Sunday morning. On one page, I found a story headlined, “Nursing Home Torn Apart When Residents With Dementia Have Sex.” On the very next page came a different sort of dispatch, the obituary of Galen Earl Mudgett Sr., a Vermonter who at the age of 90 “passed away peacefully …

Responses to a True Rarity

Friday, January 3, 2014

The guy with the Red Sox cap and Massachusetts plates emerged from his car just about the same time I got out of ours. I pointed at him and called out, “Let me guess why you’re here.” It was no mystery. Word had circulated via the various listservs that report bird sightings, both the unusual and run-of-the-mill: A northern hawk …