Letter: Support Vt. Early Educators

To the Editor:

I encourage legislators and citizens to support S.52, a bill now in the Vermont Legislature that would allow licensed early educators to form a union if they so choose. The bill does not tell them they must form a union. Rather, it offers them the choice of having a collective voice and a seat at the table.

These are the people who provide child care so parents can earn a living. These are the people who take multiple specialized academic courses to be sure that their skills are adequate to meet the state’s standards of care.

We as Vermonters should support these early educators in every way possible. Quality early education is essential for our children, and supporting the people who do the work is essential for recruiting qualified day care providers. More information about the bill can be found at http://www.kidscountonme.org.

Lori Claffee

Springfield, Vt.