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Letter: Advice for the New Year

To the Editor:

It is that time to start thinking about the new year, and many might be saying “Oh no” to themselves when thinking about those short-lived promises on what improvements they intend to make. Let me make a few suggestions.

First, don’t commit yourself to promises you know will not last even one month.

One of the most important aspects in your life is good health, which is connected to eating nutritious food. Although we all know this, we have trouble resisting tasty foods that are not good for us. If we try to stop eating even the occasional no-no food or sweet, then we end up gorging until these foods can and will do damage to our health. Whatever you do, try to follow your doctor’s orders, find time for relaxation and rest, but also, keep active in projects that you love the most.

Learn to socialize with your friends and by occasionally volunteering to your community.

Watch your budget! What budget? Well, maybe it is time to sit down and decide how to stretch your dollar, especially in this economy. Know your expense total each month and include funds for emergencies that won’t be spent unless emergencies arise. Try shopping for foods monthly, using your freezer and buying foods on sale. Buy in bulk. Transportation needs to be taken into account; calculate your average weekly transportation expenses, including gas.

We all have a tendency to want what our friends and neighbors have, but resist the temptation to copy others. We all need to live on our own budgets.

Teach yourself and your family that you need to be working for the future, without knowing what the future might hold. Life is not easy for anyone these days, but if we just give some thought to what we are doing and think of what we would like in the future by saving, then we all will succeed. Just have faith, good health and lend a helping hand to others — and have a wonderful new year.

R. Toni Pease