Letter: Nastiness Was Unnecessary

To the Editor:

I’m a fan of women’s basketball at Dartmouth. I take issue with the comments in the Dec. 5 article (“Rebuilding Big Green Taking Its Share of Lumps”) about the struggle of the current team and coach. It was not necessary or wise to make derogatory comments about the team such as the one that made an allusion to trying to win the Kentucky Derby with a “milk-cart mare.” Does the writer think these team members don’t have feelings? What a horrible thing to say about people who are really trying.

Lynn Anderson



Rebuilding Big Green Taking Its Share of Lumps

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hanover — Reality is setting in for the Dartmouth College women’s basketball team. Gone is the euphoria of the squad’s lone victory, a four-point triumph over Vermont nearly a month ago. Now, after four consecutive losses by an average of 24 points, the Big Green is showing just why rookie coach Belle Koclanes is here: to rebuild a storied program …