Letter: Thrift Store’s Prices Are High

To the Editor:

I am writing with a concern about the new Listen Center in White River Junction. It includes a beautiful new thrift store and free nightly meals for the public, which I am sure helps a lot of people in the Upper Valley. The concern I have is with the thrift store.

I am a regular shopper at the thrift store, and the prices of the items being sold there are a bit high for low-income people. The whole purpose of a thrift store is to serve people who can’t afford to shop in regular stores and help them get the things they need at a low price.

When you pull in to the thrift store, you cannot help but notice the area where items are donated. Things are piled up almost to the ceiling. There are so many donations that Listen should be lowering prices to move the items. I don’t think that people who are donating these items expect them to be sold for such high prices. They are under the impression that the prices will be kept low enough for people to be able to afford anything they want in the store.

Instead of marking things down to 10 cents for items nobody wants anyway, Listen should price everything for $1 to $2, and certainly no more than $5. The store will be able to sell a whole lot more items that are piled up to the ceiling with more donations coming in every day. Years ago, Listen used to have bag sales once a month. Why not go back to that and maybe charge $5 a bag for anything that is left on the sales floor at the end of the month?

Evelyn Hannet

West Lebanon