Letter: Nobody Seems to Care

To the Editor:

I don’t get it. The Republicans now want an investigation into the computer glitch affecting the government website set up for Obamacare. The Republican-controlled House shut down the federal government, throwing over 900,000 people out of work, put our fragile economy in jeopardy, hurt small businesses, and nothing was done.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell helped start this crisis and two weeks later supported a measure to end the shutdown. In return for holding the country for ransom, he received a check for over $3 billion to repair a dam in his home state. It will be interesting to see who got the contract for the dam repair and whether that company made a donation to help finance McConnell’s re-election campaign.

This is how Republicans in Congress work. This strikes me as a form of bribery. But who cares? There are laws in this country that protect these politicians. How many bankers went to jail for bilking billions out of their customers? Who cares? We are more interested with Dancing With the Stars than worrying about what will happen to our children and our grandchildren.

Robert Pollard