Letter: DHMC Seeks Volunteers

To the Editor:

The DHMC Volunteer Program is celebrating its 80th year of service to the hospital. Our goal is to continue to grow our programs to meet the expanding needs of Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Volunteers who work with us find it rewarding to help make the visitors’ and patients’ experience as positive as possible.

The Volunteer Patient Escort Program at DHMC needs your help. We are in need of volunteers to act as patient escorts at both the main DHMC building and at the nearby Heater Road building. Escorts help visitors and patients in the buildings by providing information and wheelchair assistance to and from appointments in the facility. At present, we have 51 escorts who have donated over 5,700 hours during the past year.

We invite you to join our team. Volunteers leave after their shift feeling as if they really made a difference for patients and visitors. The kind words that volunteers receive from those that they have helped make the day so worthwhile. We request the commitment of one four-hour shift per week for at least six months. Many of us have found it so rewarding that we have served for years and even decades. Any interested person can contact Andrea Henry, director of volunteer services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, at 603-650-7057, to find out more about becoming a Dartmouth-Hitchcock escort volunteer. It would take so little of your time, and the warm feeling of helping people lasts forever. Please give it some thought and, if you would like to help, call and find out more.

Glyn Reinders

Heater Road Escort Chairman

Barry Wright

Escort Co-Chairman

Del Delmastro

Escort Co-Chairman

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center