Letter: The Man Who Lived in That House

To the Editor:

Much has been written regarding the historic Theron Boyd house in the Hillside District of Hartford, but I have seen very little about the distinctive person that Theron himself was. It should be known that Theron’s nickname was “Sharkey” and was called that by all who knew him. It was not considered a moniker of disrespect. Few knew him by his given name.

I knew Sharkey during my younger years while residing in the district where the house is located. He was indeed a unusual person, and a kind that Vermont will soon no longer have.

A profile of him by a Valley News staff writer would be a welcome addition to the newspaper.

As I write this, I know there are still elderly people who knew him well for at least 70-plus years who could furnish a great deal of information for a colorful article. He was a determined, independent and unusual man who stood firm against a large corporate expansion by keeping his property as it is today for preservation amid a melange of wealth and development.

Such an article has been too long in coming.

Gordon M. Stone

West Lebanon