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Letter: Whaleback, Meet Slebogganing

To the Editor:

I would like to introduce the Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation to slebogganing, which is a new winter sport and fun family activity. Slebogganing could very well be the answer to turning Whaleback into a viable area this winter and for years to come.

For starters, Whaleback would generate a lot of free publicity as the first and only sleboggan park in the country and, for that matter, the world. Such attention would be priceless and might generate the money the foundation needs before the snow flies.

Whaleback could dedicate one slope for a sleboggan run. This run would not require grooming, because making repeated trips down the same path with a sleboggan creates a track like one used for a bobsled. Such a track would lead to timed competition among slebogganers.

Whaleback could be the location where our club — the Sleboggan Club of New England — would hold its Slebogganing event for World Snow Day, scheduled in 2014 for Jan. 19. The Sleboggan Club of New England has organized the first two World Snow Day events. They were held in Wilmot, N.H., at Mr. Sleboggan Inc. headquarters. However, having to rely on natural snow required the club to cancel the event last year. Our facilities are not adequate for such an event.

Not only would accommodating sleboggans help children by promoting the World Snow Day concept of “bringing children to the snow,” it would attract repeat customers to Whaleback. There is nothing more exciting than introducing as many people as I can to slebogganing. One day, the sleboggan industry will be like the snowboard industry.

Bill Herrick

President, Mr. Sleboggan Inc.

Elkins, N.H.


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