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Letter: ‘Valley News’ Policy Is Unfair

To the Editor:

The Oct. 5 Valley News published a commentary headlined “Five Common Myths About the Life of Jesus” by Reza Aslan. The article was full of erroneous information regarding the life of Jesus; Aslan presented nothing more than his opinion to back up most of his claims.

Many of his claims were in direct conflict with the Bible. It is worth noting that Aslan is not of the Christian faith; he has chosen Islam as his faith. Could this be why he is attempting to reduce Jesus to nothing more than a man? I submitted a letter to the Valley News which addressed some of the erroneous information contained in Aslan’s article. Unlike Aslan, I was able to back up my comments with more than just my opinion. The Valley News returned my letter and informed me that I must limit my response to 350 words or less. However, the Valley News didn’t have any problem allowing Aslan approximately 1,094 words for his attacks against the Bible and Jesus.

It would be impossible for me to limit a response to Aslan’s allegations to 350 words. I am deeply disturbed that the Valley News chose to run an op-ed that so openly attacks the Christian faith. Would it have been so willing to run an article that attacked the Muslim faith? To add insult to injury, the Valley News now refuses to allow a full response to Aslan’s article. One must ask why.

Jannie Johnston



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