Letter: Neither Wolf Nor Dog

To the Editor:

As a veterinarian with some 50 years of experience, including much time working with, treating and lecturing on wolves, I feel compelled to comment on your article regarding wolf-dog hybrids. The humane society and others involved in relocating these unfortunate creatures are to be commended. The people who take in these misplaced animals are heroic saints in their own right. Realize, however, that wolf-dog hybrids should not be romanticized and, unfortunately, have no place on this planet. Humans met wolves some 500,000 years ago, and since that time, man has produced — first unconsciously, then consciously — an animal that fits our needs, pleases us, works for us and loves us, namely, the domestic dog.

True wolf-dog hybrids are almost always nervous, excitable, unreliable pets. Understand, many so-called hybrids are, in reality, cross-bred sled dogs that resemble wolves. Many unscrupulous breeders sell animals, stating that they contain a certain percentage of wolf, as it will command a higher price than a cross-bred sled dog. These hybrids do not belong in the wild, and most certainly do not fit into our home environments.

Unfortunately, these animals are here and need to be placed. I trust that the adoption agencies will be painstakingly thorough in their evaluations for safe placements for all. My personal, strong vote is that they would not be placed in homes with children, as often children elicit the predatory drive in hybrids that can result in lethal consequences for children. Keep up the good work!

Charles Berger

East Thetford


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Saturday, October 12, 2013

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