Letter: Easy Steps to Reduce Gun Deaths

To the Editor:

A recent Valley News article about a gun manufacturing company in South Royalton again raises the issue of selling high-capacity automatic weapons to the public. Though a representative of the manufacturer pointed out that such high-powered rifles are designed primarily for military use, sales are open to the public as well, supposedly for hunters and shooters at gun ranges. Why a hunter needs a weapon that can shoot multiple 30-round magazines is way beyond me, but I am not at all against this manufacturer’s right to make and market such weapons. What I am appalled by is the attitude that Vermonters don’t have to do anything at the state or federal level to improve public safety regarding guns. An improved background-check system and increased focus on gun safety — gun locks, child-proof gun cabinets and mandatory gun-safety training — would surely decrease the number of deaths from homicide and suicide in Vermont, and in states that benefit from easy access to guns acquired here.

Richard Neugass



S. Royalton Weapons Maker Holds Demonstration

Sunday, September 29, 2013

South Royalton — Once, while in combat overseas, the gas rings on Brian Collins’ rifle gave out and his weapon failed. Luckily, no one was injured, said Collins, a 27-year-old Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it’s a moment he remembers. “I’ve been there,” said Collins, who has a background in machining. “I’ve seen it fail. I …