Letter: Rid Syria of Its Dictator

To the Editor:

Bombing the airport runways or shooting at a fig tree will not resolve the problem in Syria. This dictator and his staff are ruthless killers. They shouldn’t be allowed to rule Syria. This is like letting a serial killer free to walk the streets.

This country should inform Bashar Assad that we are going to strike. After that, we should wait, watch and, when he has all his Cabinet assembled, send a delegation of people for humanity — about eight cruise missiles.

This will rid the world of these ruthless murderers. We should let our qualified military generals take care of this problem, not a bunch of money-grabbing politicians.

As Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf said during Operation Desert Storm: You chop off the head of a snake, and the rest will die. The problem won’t be solved unless we take these killers out.

Millions of Syrians will celebrate. Free at last.

Robert Pollard