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Letter: GOP Hokum on Health Care

To the Editor:

Chris Fleisher and the Valley News have done more for educating the people in the Upper Valley about the Affordable Health Care Act than the New Hampshire government has done for the whole state. This is the case because Republicans have tried to derail the ACA at every step and corner. Their behavior has been utterly irrational.

The Affordable Care Act is modeled on Republican ideas. Gov. Mitt Romney applied the concept in the reform of the Massachusetts health system, which has served as the blueprint for the ACA.

We all currently pay — both private insurers and the government — for the sketchy care the uninsured receive when they get sick.

Health insurance improves personal and population health. When it becomes universally available, individuals do not have to fear financial and personal ruin, and society becomes more productive and healthy over the long run. The Affordable Care Act will save money and reduce the federal deficit by about $100 billion over the next 10 years.

Very likely only a public health care system would be able to deliver equal care but at a lower price than the ACA model. But certainly we can settle for the second-best — that still is far better then the health care mess we have today that hardly deserves to be called a system.

There is no rational valid argument against the ACA, unless a party can introduce a model that would be even better in delivering high-value care (like a one-payer-system).

No surprise that Republicans have to retreat to falsehood and manipulation in their fundamental opposition to the ACA.

Irrationality and fringe fanaticism and ideology exist everywhere, but when a major party denies society a rational and reality-based political discourse, it becomes an obstacle for progress, justice and growth. The ACA debate is a case in point.

Oliver Herfort



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