Letter: Enforce Laws Against Noise

To the Editor:

My wife and I live on Hartford Avenue (Route 5) in Wilder, and we are really exasperated with drivers of excessively noisy bikes and cars who think they are participating in races. We had to have the police intervene because one of our neighbors was leaving for work every morning at 5 with enough noise to wake up the whole neighborhood for five blocks around. When my wife went to talk with him, he became aggressive.

We were told that there are laws against noise pollution but they are not enforced. Why? New bikes come out of the shop without loud exhaust pipes, but some bike (and car) owners change them to make them noisy because they feel it is more “manly.” If you ask bike owners why they do this, their answer is, “It is a free country.” But their freedom interferes with mine. I’m sure they feel like men with their noisy bikes and cars, but they act like selfish children. Why are these people allowed to annoy others? The noise law must be enforced because it’s not acceptable (knowingly or not) to annoy people on purpose. They can ride in deserted areas!

Jacques Deville