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Letter: We’re Still Proud in Lebanon

To the Editor:

Regarding Don Mahler’s Aug. 15 column (“Why Can’t Lebanon Hire an AD?”), despite the fact that the School Board has problems with the administration’s handling of the hiring process for the athletic director (which I certainly do, too), and despite the issue about the athletic director having to have principal certification (huh?), and despite what I thought was a debatable selection (Why not Keith Matte? Did we not want to replace a teacher so late in the summer?), what really got me ticked off was Don’s way-too-easy use of “this once-proud community.”

You think Lebanon isn’t proud? I come at this from many angles (Hanover native, former School Board chairman, active in high school athletics, etc.), but I can’t think of a more hackneyed phrase so far off the mark as “once-proud.” I’m damned proud of Lebanon, and despite its active politics and occasional slips, it’s a great community full of great people. You’ll find plenty of proud Lebanon residents. Just walk around at the Farmer’s Market on the green, go to a concert on the green any Monday night, or go to a high school concert or sports event, July 4th celebration, etc., and you’ll find us. Geez, Don! What were you thinking?

Jon Stearns



Don Mahler: Why Can’t Lebanon Hire an AD?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As the night sky lazily turned from light to dusk, Barrett Williams walked out of the SAU 88 building after an hour-long meet and greet with the Lebanon School Board Wednesday night, looking none the worse for the experience. Presented by Superintendent Gail Paludi as the heir apparent to the departed Kelley Carey as the new Lebanon athletic director, Williams …