Letter: Act 250 Is Anti-Growth

To the Editor:

I cannot help but respond to recent letters and articles about Vermont’s Act 250 land-use law. I went through this ridiculous, cumbersome, Communist-era style process.

If I were a lawyer in Pomfret bragging about this anti-growth, anti-business law, as Janis M. Murcic did in her Aug. 12 letter, “Milne Misunderstands Act 250,” I would tread lightly, as I would love to debate this person — in public, in person — and show her just how backward her wonderful system really is, to say nothing about the extortion process of the historic preservation group of thugs. And if she has any questions about my good feelings, she may call her representative, John Campbell, and he may fill her in.

I do not believe the regional planning commission should exist, period. Every town has a planning commission, and most have some form of zoning. If a town does not, that is the wish of the voters. We had not one birth in Pomfret last year. Our entire state is aging rapidly, and our government is stealing more from the working class to support the underpaid every year. The jobs our government helps create are service jobs that pay at least $7 an hour under the living wage scale to survive in Vermont without state aid in some form or another. It has gotten worse in the last 20 years, a lot worse.

So, I must state that we need to get rid of Act 250, we need to get rid of the regional planning commission and we need to return our communities to the voters within their boundaries. And we need to eliminate all grants and tax exemptions that support government mandates at once. Then and only then will folks see exactly how crooked our leaders really are, when everyone within a community has to share the costs, not just the folks earning a living wage.

Good luck to Scott Milne and the town of Hartford. Good riddance to Act 250 and the cronies who run it.

Douglas Tuthill



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