Letter: Friendship Families Wanted

To the Editor:

Dartmouth’s Friendship Family Program (FFP) is a unique international student program that matches incoming Dartmouth international undergraduate and graduate students with Upper Valley families to help them form cross-cultural friendships and experience American culture beyond the college campus.

Many of these international students have never been in the United States before and you would be giving them the experience of what it’s like to spend time with an American family. “American family” spans a wide description — families with children, retired couples, single people open to other cultures and others. Please note this does not entail hosting your student overnight.

We encourage Friendship Families to invite their students to their homes for occasional meals, holiday celebrations, a family outing, or anything else that would enrich an international student’s time in the United States, and bring another culture and way of life into your family, too. Each relationship is different. You just do what you can do, when you can do it.

For the last several years our family has hosted students from Japan and China. Dartmouth students come from all over the world — South America, France, Italy, Morocco, Syria, Mexico, Singapore, Vietnam etc.

The Friendship Family Program has been going on for many years at Dartmouth, and its success has been highly rated by the students and families alike. Last year, we received a very enthusiastic response from well over 100 students and are anticipating a similar response this year. We hope that you and your family will join us in our effort to welcome and support the newest international residents of the Upper Valley! For more information, please check out our website at: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~opal/international/friendship/index.html. To become a Friendship Family, please fill out the form on our website no later than Friday, Aug. 30th. If you have any questions, please email Jamie Choi at Ji.Min.Choi.15@dartmouth.edu.

Thank you for considering the opportunity.

Mimi Lichtenstein