Letter: Enough Bogus Climate Science

To the Editor:

Regarding the Bloomberg News of Aug. 5, “Turning the Tables: The Climate Exacts its Revenge”: In a farrago of ridiculously precise statistics, the claim is made that failing to act now on reducing carbon dioxide emissions will result in 2.5 percent more personal violence and 24 percent more intergroup conflict because tempers flare as the temperatures rise. There may be something in this: Look at where all the violence is taking place — in the Mideast, North Africa, India, Pakistan and Indonesia, all hot spots populated by Muslims driven mad by an 0.015 percent increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide and an 0.15 percent rise in temperature in the last 100 years.

But then the editorial sinks into the increasingly desperate fear-mongering we have seen of late, conjuring apocalyptic visions of rising sea levels, acidic oceans, failing crops — all the result of Republican intransigence — and unless something is done immediately, the ranks of the “deniers” will grow to the point where nothing can be done to avert catastrophe.

But who are these so-called “deniers”? They are the people who are fed up with bogus science. They have noted the perfidy of fund-seeking climate scientists colluding with each other to falsify and manipulate the data and prevent the publication of opposing views. They are fed up with the sight of government-subsidized windmills despoiling the countryside to produce unaffordable power. They know that the sea is alkaline and not becoming more acidic; they know that the rate of sea level rise is less than one foot per century; they know that plants love carbon dioxide and that increasing atmospheric levels are already causing increased global crop yields. They know that global temperatures have not risen for the last 17 years and that computer models predicting continuously increasing temperatures are worthless. They do not have a political agenda calling for a Luddite return to some pre-industrial dream world.

My wish for the true deniers — those who reject scientific truth and think the sky is falling — is that they could all live in the land of their dreams. But please, count me out. I would rather live in the real world.

Barrie Sellers



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