Letter: America’s Infrastructure Needs Attention

To the Editor:

This country looks like a Third World contender. Drive on our secondary roads and look around. The roads are patched up and bridges are rusted. Concrete abutments are falling apart.

The grass and other vegetation is so tall you have trouble looking over it. When these interstates were built, the trees and grass were mowed and cut so you could see wild animals before they darted into the road. Now the only time you see them is when they are your new hood ornament.

It’s too bad we have a Congress whose only concern is to make President Obama look bad by not passing any bills. They say we spend too much. Bull.

The Republicans didn’t say this about George W. Bush, who put two wars on a credit card and spent billions on no-bid contracts, plus the $3 billion that was stolen in Iraq. Why isn’t our eight-star general, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Lindsey Graham investigating this?

Also, what became of all the money, gold and other valuables found with Saddam Hussein? Was this also stolen?

Call your representative in Congress and complain about why the jobs bill to repair our infrastructure has not been passed. This bill will put millions back to work and also stimulate our economy. You have to spend money to make money.

We the poor and middle class pay all the taxes and get nothing to show for it. This is why we shouldn’t elect lawyers and district attorneys to government office. They write all the laws and get their colleagues to pass them into laws to benefit them. While they are filling their pockets, you are putting your family at risk driving on these cow paths.

This is a crying shame to see our country go to hell this way. But the biggest crying shame is a busload of crooked politicians going over a cliff with one empty seat.

Robert Pollard