Letter: Graduation Festivities at Windsor High

To the Editor:

On June 21, Vermont Adult Learning for Windsor County held its graduation ceremony at the Windsor High School auditorium. Vermont Adult Learning served 354 students during the 2012-2013 school year, and we celebrated 87 graduates that evening. The ceremony was well attended by over 200 guests with parents, families, loved ones and well-wishers. We honored and presented certificates to 27 graduates in attendance. State Sen. Dick McCormack, board member Rita Foley and Executive Director Mary Loomis also joined our festivities.

We would like to thank the families, friends, county high school teams and the communities for their persistent support and encouragement of the students we serve. We also want to sincerely thank Windsor High School Principal Michael Kell, Athletic Director Bob Hingstrom and Grounds Superintendent Jim Taft for sharing a wonderful venue with us for the ceremony and for their continuing collaboration.

Vermont Adult Learning provides a free educational experience and is available to Vermont residents 16 and older seeking a high school diploma or to anyone seeking a general educational development (GED) certificate.

Please visit us at www.vtadultlearning.org to learn more about our services.

Kristin Andrade

Regional Manager

And the staff of Vermont Adult Learning - Windsor County

White River Junction and Springfield, Vt.