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Letter: Fate of the West Hartford Church

To the Editor:

I am glad to see some concern for West Hartford in the Upper Valley. It has been almost two years since Irene. All of the damaged infrastructure in Hartford has been repaired except for the West Hartford Municipal Library. If the After Irene Ministry-Upper Valley volunteer group wants to aid the village, some help with the library project would be greatly appreciated.

The Congregational Church was not touched by the flood. The building has been deteriorating for many years. It appears to have very few members. Two church trustees attended the meeting on June 18, and they gave a less-than-enthusiastic approval for the renovation. I have to wonder what would happen if a buyer makes an offer once the church is in better shape. One of the trustees stated that the local trustees own the building and land. There was no discussion regarding any written agreement to deed it to the town.

A lot of ideas were presented concerning possible use of the building. One was a community center. Really? This is one of the reasons that citizens want the library rebuilt.

Why would anyone want a senior center? We have a lovely one in White River Junction, and it will send a shuttle bus for anyone who needs a ride.

Nichole Hastings suggested a hostel for hikers. Does the Green Mountain Club want to help us keep it clean? How about Appalachian Trail signs? My husband emailed two years ago, inquiring about the lack of AT signs in the village. In response, he got a flier in the mail listing services available in Hanover.

It seemed to me that a large percentage of the people attending the meeting were not West Hartford residents. As such, they did not seem to realize that we have been struggling (no thanks to the Selectboard) to improve the quality of life in our village and provide services.

Margaret Newton

West Hartford