Letter: Hanover Goes Show-Biz

To the Editor:

The July 3 premiere of Hanover 250 —1761-2011 is bad news for Johnny Depp and the Lone Ranger. How can the masked man’s premiere compete with hundreds of deceased and living citizens of Hanover, a moose, 24 pigs and wolves, plus 49 dogs? Renaissance leading men Bill Hammond, as Daniel Webster, and Rob Grabill, as Eleazar Wheelock, have already being mentioned in the Co-Op’s produce section for Academy Awards. The Hanoverwood red-carpet interviews, flashing cameras, photos with the stars, live music, patriotic sing-along and free popcorn will rival any Hollywood hoopla.

Lines may already be forming for the 7 p.m. event at the Black Community Center. Do not miss Mr. Bill (Daniel Webster) when he so eloquently and powerfully wishes Hanover a “Happy Bicenquinquagenary.”

Bill Young