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Letter: Buy Locally, Get Funding Nationally

To the Editor:

I am all for community development. But one can’t help but savor the irony of BALE Fest 2013 celebrating South Royalton’s new, federally funded, free public Wi-Fi system (“A Day for Economic Development,” June 14).

Vermont is one of only two New England states that receives more from Washington than it pays in federal taxes. Benefits like federal flood insurance, Irene reconstruction and even SoRo’s free Wi-Fi are made possible by businesses and taxpayers from sea to shining sea.

Maybe that generosity should be returned with something more than the admonishment to “buy local.”

Christopher Jon Cooper

South Royalton


A Day for Economic Development

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

South Royalton — It was a day of firsts on the green in South Royalton yesterday. The town’s grant-funded public wifi was unveiled and the third annual BALE Fest got rained on. “The last two years we’ve had beautiful weather,” said Chris Wood, a staff member for the organization BALE — Building a Local Economy — which serves as a …