Letter: A Faithful Friend and Neighbor

To the Editor:

As Kimball Union Academy celebrates its bicentennial, we at the Meriden Congregational Church extend our heartiest congratulations and happiest birthday wishes! Although our two institutions have always maintained separate identities, it is hard to imagine either of us existing without the other, and we rejoice that KUA was born and has continued to flourish throughout the past two centuries. Of course, we are no less biased in our enthusiasm about KUA’s birth than any parent is about the birth of their child. For just as our church was founded now 233 years ago in 1780 in the home of Benjamin Kimball, so was Benjamin’s son, Daniel Kimball, instrumental in the founding of the academy 200 years ago, in 1813.

But beyond a parent’s natural pride and joy in the growth and success of a child, our enthusiasm for the wonderful life of Kimball Union Academy is grounded even more fully in the myriad ways that the academy has been such a faithful friend and neighbor all these years. When our earlier wooden-frame meetinghouse-style church was consumed by fire at the end of the 1800s, it was Kimball Union Academy that took the lead in fundraising toward the construction of the lovely stone church we have worshipped in now for more than 100 years. And such generosity has continued unabated, with Kimball Union Academy taking superlative care of our church green and grounds, as well as providing numerous other services on our behalf. Throughout these 200 years of shared history, we have been blessed by the participation of many KUA faculty and their families, along with occasional students, in the life of our congregation, and we remain deeply appreciative of the mutually enriching relationship between our two institutions.

It is therefore with great joy and profound gratitude that we wish Kimball Union Academy a most happy birthday and heartfelt congratulations as it celebrates its bicentennial, and best wishes for many more years, decades and centuries to come!!

The Revs. John and Susan Gregory-Davis

Meriden Congregational Church, UCC