Letter: Cover for Ayotte’s Terrible Vote

To the Editor:

One day recently I settled in to watch a video on YouTube about the Durango and Silverton railroad. The video promised to be of an ancient steam locomotive climbing the mountain to Silverton with a carload of happy people. You can imagine my thrilled reaction when up popped the advertisement for Sen. Kelly Ayotte: “Safety, security, family … no one knows these things like a mom,” said the earnest female voice over pictures of smiling women, presumably New Hampshire housewives.

Oh brother, playing the “mom” card, are you? Explain that to the grieving dads of Newtown.

Not only is this ad no explanation of Ayotte’s vote to kill expanded background checks for gun purchases, it’s sexist drivel. But bad as it is, it’s still less annoying than the other ad Ayotte has running on YouTube, the one that claims she did vote to support background checks. That one is totally outrageous, not just because it’s false, but also because it uses a local police chief, a man I happen to admire, to imply support for the vote she took against background expanded checks.

I know the folks around Ayotte are trying to get her cover for her terrible vote, but I wish they’d do it somewhere else, where I’m not likely to see it.

Peter Hoe Burling

Member, Democratic National Committee