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Letter: We Should Know What We’re Eating

To the Editor:

What concerns me about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is simple: I think that all people should know what they are eating and whether it is safe for them. Studies show that GMOs are not safe. For example, lab hamsters that have eaten GMO corn have hair growing in their mouths by the third generation, and I am not going to put up with that.

Also, there are laws that clearly say that every ingredient in food should be on the label. Besides, it’s clear that the Monsanto company is afraid to let the public know about GMOs, or they wouldn’t be fighting so hard. By fighting H112 (a bill in the Vermont Legislature for food labeling), Monsanto has made it obvious that there is something about GMOs it doesn’t want the public to know.

If I had nothing to hide, I would just let them label it. Citizens’ health should be our first concern, not money.

Brigid Armbrust (10 years old)

White River Junction