Letter: The Truth About N.H. Taxes

To the Editor:

The state of New Hampshire prides itself and boasts ad infinitum about its status as being tax-free regarding sales and income. The claim is true for sales, but not for income. Salaries are not taxed, but other forms of income are, including interest and dividends. After reaching retirement age, the return received from investments by way of interest and dividends is what many of us who are of limited income use to maintain an acceptable existence. It is income, so let us therefore start calling it by its right title — an income tax.

A point of interest is that my tax owed to New Hampshire this year exceeds my federal tax by $158. Who would you say is greedy?

I wanted to pay the tax, but when I tried to do so, I received the message, “File Copy Only — Do Not Mail — Form Not Approved.”

Is the Department of Revenue Administration saying it is not ready to receive this year’s tax payments? I thought the state was short on funds. It is an unusual way of handling the cash flow. I hope the department contacts me soon with instructions about what I should do.

Gordon M. Stone

West Lebanon