Windsor Firefighter Survives 45-Foot Fall After Jumping Over Guardrail to Avoid Crash

A Windsor firefighter survived a 45-foot fall from an I-91 overpass early this morning, officials said, when she jumped over a guardrail to avoid an out-of-control tractor trailer.

Molly Wood, a 4-year member of the Windsor Fire Department, came away with cuts, bruises, a concussion and, potentially, a broken ankle, Fire Chief Mark Kirko said. Her helmet and other fire equipment, he said, likely saved her life.

Check tomorrow's edition of the Valley News for the full story.


Firefighter Hurt in Leap to Safety

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Windsor — A Windsor firefighter who jumped off an Interstate 91 overpass to avoid an out-of-control tractor-trailer truck was recovering from injuries yesterday, officials said. Molly Wood, a four-year member of the fire department, came away from the estimated 25- to 30-foot drop with a concussion, cuts and bruises and a likely broken ankle, Fire Chief Mark Kirko said. “She’s …