Elisabeth Moulton

Hanover, N.H. — Elisabeth Moulton, age 91, died Monday, Feb. 11, 2013. She was born in Austria, the daughter of Erich von Kunsti and Maria Lamberg von Kunsti.

She was educated in Austria and lived in Vienna until March 1945, when she fled to Innsbruck on a bicycle to avoid the Russian Occupation. In French occupied Innsbruck she became the Mayor’s interpreter. She moved to Paris in 1947 to work as an administrator’s assistant at the Organization of European Economic Development.

She then joined the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1951 in Rome as an administrator. There she met her husband, Dr. William M. Moulton.

In 1965, she moved to Beirut, Lebanon, to join the Near East Animal Health Institute as an administrator. After this assignment, she then moved to Tehran, Iran, for several years.

In 1972, she and her husband moved to Dover, Vt., to develop and operate a 3,000 tap sugaring operation in retirement.

After her husband’s death in 1987, she remained in Dover for several years and in 1994 moved to Kendal at Hanover where she spent the rest of her life.