Letter: Fending Off Unwanted Critters

To the Editor:

Susan Brown, in her Feb. 2 letter, “Poison Doesn’t Discriminate,” protested that someone had put poison in a nearby meadow to get rid of coyotes, also endangering myriad other creatures.

My house has been invaded by squirrels that pose the danger of fire by chewing through insulation of electric wires. Two firemen suggested that poison is the only recourse. But a search on Google revealed a much preferable solution. This is a device named The Guardian, which emits high frequency sounds when approached by an unwanted mammal. The frequency can be adjusted to the vulnerability of the invader.

I have observed squirrels approach The Guardian near my bird feeders, setting off a flashing light that signals the emission of sound. I do not hear it, but the small creatures abandon the feeders and head immediately for the nearby woods unharmed.

Audrey McCollum



Letter: Poison Doesn’t Discriminate

Friday, January 25, 2013

To the Editor: Apparently someone has put out poison down on the meadow near where I live to get rid of coyotes. A neighbor warned another not to walk his dogs down there because of the poisoned bait. How thoughtless can one be? The creek that passes my house is an ancient path to the river, and it’s used by …