Letter: Unsnarling Route 120 Traffic

To the Editor:

There are two ways to help solve the traffic problem from Lebanon to Hanover. Number one is to replace the Hanover Street foot bridge with a two-lane bridge with sidewalks to open up Hanover Street as a direct shot from Lebanon to the high school and Mount Support Road.

Number two is to build a single-lane bridge over I-89, starting at the southbound truck-weighing area over to the northbound pull-out that used to be a weighing area and connecting with a road up over the hill behind the old Densmore Brick building.

All northbound traffic to the hospital and Mount Support Road would exit I-89 at the northbound pull-out area and merge with the southbound traffic on the road over the hill.

Northbound traffic would exit the hospital via a single-lane road down the hill and merge with the northbound I-89 traffic. No big trucks would be allowed on these roads. The distance from the northbound rest area to the hospital is less than a mile.

Robert Pollard