Letter: A Resource Officer for Kearsarge

To the Editor:

“That’s one more kid that will never finish school; Never get to fall in love; Never get to be cool,” sang Neil Young.

During the Kearsarge Regional School District’s annual deliberative meeting, Richard Anderson moved to increase the Municipal Budget Committee’s recommended budget by $50,000 to fund a school resource officer. This was passed without a dissenting vote. It has been felt that such a resource officer was needed, but the catalyst was that awful tragedy in Newtown, Conn.

There will be three numbers that will be on the Kearsarge ballot in March:

∎ The Municipal Budget Committee’s original recommended budget: $37,327,065.

∎ The Municipal Budget Committee’s amended budget: $37,328,065.

∎ The School Board’s recommended budget: $37,316,069.

The Selectboard and the town of Sutton urge Kearsarge voters to vote for the Municipal Budget Committee’s amended budget, as that is the only budget that includes funding for a resource officer. Let us give our kids the opportunity to finish school, to grow up and get to be cool.

Robert Wright Jr., Chair

Walter Baker Jr., Selectman

Patricia McMahon, Selectwoman

Sutton Selectboard