Letter: No Place for Experimentation

To the Editor:

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta started the ball rolling toward incorporating women into combat positions at the “tip of the spear” as his parting shot at what has been the world’s finest military.

As it is U.S. policy that military action be the last resort to the resolution of international differences, it is imperative that it also represent the nation’s best action. If the issue is important enough to fight about, it is important enough to ensure that we win.

Military action is not about fairness — it is about winning! What’s the value of being fair and losing a conflict that might determine national survival?

As such, the military is charged with putting the most effective assets available on the battlefield. There are several other fields of battle, not war zones, that give us insight into the issues at play here and that have been likened to war. The most obvious is sports.

If women can function as well as men in activities requiring strength and stamina, why do we have segregated professional sports? Even in noncontact sports — swimming, golf, tennis and gymnastics, for example — the sexes are segregated. Do we suppose that a team of women professional football players could defeat the Baltimore Ravens?

Or suppose, as in ancient times, we decided to settle a conflict by individual combat. Do we suppose we would choose a woman to fight the enemy’s most accomplished warrior? Who would you want next to your wounded son to carry him to safety?

None of this is to deny that women are often more creative than men nor or that they have a place in the military, but not at the tip of the spear. The reality is that women and men are physically different. The PC crowd would like us to think that doesn’t make any difference, but then why are they different?

The PC crowd would like us to think that we all have a right to serve in the military. Where is that right articulated in the Constitution? The soldier serves at the pleasure of the president and not as a right.

Allan R. Wylie

South Strafford