Letter: GOP’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

To the Editor:

Jennifer Horn is now the chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. She says she wants to get rid of misconceptions about the party. Unfortunately, those misconceptions are self-inflicted wounds. I’d like to remind her of some of those self-inflicted wounds.

The Republican Party is reluctant to identify itself as a conservative political party; it has no credible, conservative message. It doesn’t explain why opposition to open borders is not opposition to legal immigration. It doesn’t aggressively promote free market, pro-growth economic programs and proposals. It doesn’t explain why a campaign against “millionaires and billionaires” is class warfare that brings out the worst in people, much less being bad economic policy. It doesn’t explain how burgeoning debt will consume this country by pointing to today’s Greece and Spain as our future.

Even if it did have a message, it doesn’t have a credible, conservative messenger; a person who is steeped in conservative principles and values and can articulate them in a clear, compelling manner. The party has tried with “moderates” such as John McCain and Mitt Romney. Those attempts have been colossal failures because “moderates” who attempt to talk like conservatives are transparent. Republican “moderates” who compromise with Democrats end up spending like Democrats. They are not conservative and have helped get the U.S. into its current mess.

The Republican Party must start “yesterday” to do what it failed to do after McCain’s loss. It must identify itself as unabashedly, aggressively conservative. It must develop a credible, conservative, alternative message to the Democratic Party. It must find a credible conservative messenger who can hold voters’ attention and drive home an understanding of the benefits of conservatism. It must not continue to allow the Democratic Party to define it and its candidates because the results will be more of the same. It must not pander to every imaginable interest group; it can’t out-Democrat the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party is in imminent danger of falling onto the junk heap of political history. It has little time to reverse its course.

Alan Tanenbaum