Letter: Find a Replacement for McCoy

To the Editor:

I fail to see the value of Glenn McCoy’s editorial cartoon on Jan. 17 showing a caricature of President Obama surrounded by Secret Servicemen and saying, “There’s too many guns being used to protect other lives besides mine.”

Does McCoy seriously believe Obama values only his own life — that no other lives are worth protecting? This is directly contradicted by Obama’s statement that “our first task in society is keeping our children safe.” If McCoy’s only mission is to distort the truth, then what is served by the Valley News’ decision to continue to publish his cartoons? Does the Valley News seriously want us to believe: (a) there are no other conservative editorial cartoonists whose work deserves publication or (b) all conservatives are irrational? Please.

McCoy is free to express his opinions in cartoon form, but that doesn’t mean the Valley News is obligated to engage his services. This is a time for rational thought and discussion on both sides of the gun control issue. What possible justification can there be for the Valley News to continue to publish the work of Glenn McCoy?

Don Glasgo



Editorial Cartoon

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter: Beyond-the-Pale Cartoons

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To the Editor: We are in complete agreement with the Jan. 22 letter from Don Glasgo (“Find a Replacement for McCoy”). Glen McCoy’s cartoons are not expressions of political opinion, but rather seem to be mere expressions of hatred of our president and any progressive ideas. We understand that the Valley News wants to be seen as fair-minded, but McCoy’s …