Letter: Waiting for Shumlin to Act

To the Editor:

I called Gov. Shumlin’s office today to ask whether he was planning on doing something to help stem gun violence and protect our children. The young lady who answered the phone said that the governor feels that the U.S. Congress should be the ones to act to protect our children and everyone else against gun violence. He is apparently hoping that Congress will come up with “a 50-state solution.”

It is hard to believe that he can be so naive. Congress has shown us time and again in recent years that it will do nothing to protect us against gun violence. In fact, it has done the opposite by allowing earlier laws to expire.

Our governor has a solemn obligation to do everything in his power to protect the citizens of Vermont. I sincerely hope that he will change his mind in this instance and follow the impressive example of Gov. Cuomo of New York and act immediately with our Legislature to enact legislation and do anything else in his power to stem gun violence in our country.

Congress has proven that it will not act in the best interests of our country. It therefore falls upon the states to act together responsibly to do something about this increasing threat — immediately.

Gerry Botha