Letter: Honor, Followed by Harassment

To the Editor:

Cool story on honor rolls in the Jan. 15 Valley News (“Does the School Honor Roll Still Make the Grade?”). I was thrilled to see no mention of how getting on the honor roll might still be cause for fairly serious harassment by other students, as it was in my high school days back in the early ’60s. If that’s actually changed, it’s terrific. If it hasn’t, the situation should be addressed in any changes made to such programs. We used to ask homeroom teachers not to pass out the little certificates where other kids could see us and then target us. Being on the honor roll could be a very scary experience, and I always dreaded the recognition.

Warren Thayer



Does the School Honor Roll Still Make the Grade?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The honor roll has long been a recognition of academic success, mostly for high school students. But a look at first term honor rolls at Upper Valley high schools raises questions about whether they are sufficient to motivate students. At Hanover High School, 67 percent of the student body was on the first term honor roll this year. At Windsor …