Letter: The Making of a Deficit

To the Editor:

Do we really want to recognize our budget situation in the U.S.?

Look no further than the ironic Valley News front-page headlines on Jan. 1. One headline reported, “Cliff Aside, Most To Pay More Taxes.” Right next to it was an article headlined, “Breaking the Passenger Barrier; Lebanon Airport Gets Federal Funds.”

Apparently, you get “federal funds” (taxpayer money) simply by gaming the system, as reported in the article. All you have to do is offer $12 flights at the end of year to goose the numbers. The airport then hits its “federal need levels” for a $1 million jackpot payout versus a measly $150,000 federal grant.

The extra $850,000 in addition to the base $150,000 comes from all of the taxpayers of this country. Unfortunately, this logic is replicated all over the country with many federal projects, works and programs.

And you want to know why we are going over the “fiscal cliff”?

A.G. Battaglia



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