Letter: Teach Gun Safety to Children

To the Editor:

Parents who hunt must realize how often we must repeat the do’s and don’ts of gun safety to children because they do forget. This may save a life.

Among the rules:

∎ When done hunting, never come out of the woods on any public roads or on private property before you have unloaded your guns.

∎  While you are walking in the woods, keep the safety clicked on in case you trip.

∎ Make sure to clean your unloaded guns before putting them away in a locked cabinet.

∎ Even though you have a locked cabinet to store your guns, never leave your gun loaded; you should not assume the lock will keep others out of the cabinet.

∎ Keep bullets in a safe place that is separate from the guns.

I know from experience. When I went to meet a girl friend who lived in the neighborhood, she was not ready for our walk to school, so I sat on her couch waiting for her to get dressed. Her older brother came down from upstairs with a gun in his hand. He pointed it at me and told me to stick ’em up! I told him that he shouldn’t be pointing a gun at anyone. He told me I should play along because the gun wasn’t loaded. I told him it didn’t matter whether the gun was loaded. He said he would shoot me at the count of three if I didn’t put up my hands. After he got to two, his sister came in and told him he would get a whipping from his father if he did not put the gun away. She asked him how he got the gun from the locked cabinet. He said he picked the lock.

The brother went upstairs. A few minutes later we heard a shot. A bullet was in the gun, and he had fired it into his parents’ bed.

Rita A. “Toni” Pease