Letter: Impressive Group of Hartford Students

To the Editor:

Volunteerism may be dying out across the country, but you would never know it if you had been on hand for the Polar Express, which ran from Union Station in White River Junction to the North Pole in Norwich on Dec. 8 and 9. Not to slight the adult volunteers (who are greatly appreciated), but we want to recognize the students.

We would like to publicly thank an outstanding group of volunteers — Hartford High and Hartford Career and Technology students. The sixth annual Polar Express is in the books but, as so often happens when you have a community-based event, such an event could not have happened without volunteers, young and old.

From workshop elves and bakers to the hot dog chefs, the door monitors, the coloring and face-painting artists, chefs and conductors, these students never stopped smiling; they danced and waved for every departing and arriving train. Over 70 students gave a helping hand to make this event a never-to-be-forgotten experience for over 3,000 passengers of all ages. They truly embodied the spirit of the holiday season.

We also want to extend a big thank-you to principal Joe Collea and co-op coordinator Richard Hoffman for coordinating the students.

If there are adults in the audience who are familiar with the Polar Express book or movie, you will know what we mean when we say, “These students do believe.”

David S. Saturley

President, White River Rotary Club