Letter: Concerns About Quechee Development

To the Editor:

As a proud Quechee citizen, I am concerned with B & M’s proposed development plans for near the Quechee Mobile. First, Quechee has numerous locally owned and operated businesses. Will a new development bring in national chain stores that will cannibalize these local businesses — businesses whose money stays in our local economy? Will this development cut off a major wildlife corridor between White River Junction and Quechee, a corridor that contributes to our natural habitats and rural character? Finally, in today’s unreliable energy climate, can we sustain a building project that relies on fossil fuels? I’m not anti-growth; I’m just pro-smart growth. Before we commit to a project that will surely impact our way of life, we should make sure that the impact is in line with our community goals of self-reliance and local economy.

Shannon Pogue