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Letter: Your Word Choice Was Offensive

To the Editor:

Hate speech is hate speech. Your use of the word “gypsy” in a headline — “Vermont Is Path for Gypsy Trek,” Dec. 7 — is no less an inflammatory racial slur than using the “N” word. That was an Associated Press article, but you could have edited the story, and you certainly could have chosen a different word for the headline. And by not including a paragraph (or even a sentence) explaining the offensive nature of the word “gypsy,” you missed an important opportunity to educate your readers.

Kylie Fauth



Vermont Is Path For Gypsy Trek

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Derby Line, Vermont — A Dodge Caravan with California license plates and a dozen passengers zipped across the border between Vermont and Quebec in October, heading north in a southbound lane unblocked by traffic. Border agents could only watch as the van disappeared into Quebec. But the vehicle and its occupants didn’t try to disappear. About 22 miles later, they …