Letter: Obama Finally Gets It Right

To the Editor:

Finally, the president is getting it right — negotiating from strength. Tim Geithner has now said the administration will let the GOP drive us over the Fiscal Bluff if they keep refusing to increase tax rates on income over $250,000. That’s the only way to get where we need to go. Spineless adherence to a “pledge” made to an anti-tax fanatic is nothing less than a criminal breach of the oath of office taken by members of Congress.

After the dust settles, and it will, the new Congress can get down to serious negotiating on future tax rates, deductions (including raising or, better still, eliminating, the ceiling on FICA tax deductions) and “loopholes” — plus realistic reductions in spending on defense, Medicare/Medicaid and discretionary spending.

Fortunately, the Vermont congressional delegation is solidly behind the president. Hopefully, the New Hampshire delegation will also help to bridge the divide. Finding solutions to our deficit problem is achievable through sincere, pragmatic negotiations free of political gamesmanship. Can our Congress ever get to this point? Perhaps going over the “cliff” is the kick in the teeth they need.

Gerry Botha