Letter: Congress: Take Care of Business

To the Editor:

The other day I wrote to President Obama and our Vermont representatives in Congress.

I said I expected them to resolve the budget issues that include how much to tax the wealthy and what to do about the Bush tax cuts. Of course, a resolution will involve compromise. So be it. An all-my-way-or-nothing attitude is no way to represent our people. I expect them to come to agreement before they head off on their month-long vacation. I don’t accept that we hire them to run our government and yet they do not do the work we hired them to do. The get-the-work-done approach was used by our forefathers, who set up our government through many compromises. It is high time for that way of taking care of business to be re-established. I wrote the president that he should command that Congress stay in session until members get the job done that we hired them for. A leader has a responsibility to direct that the work get done and make clear that there will be no time off until it is. He is our commander in chief, so he must command as needed. These are not new revelations, just ideas that need to be repeated.

I wanted to express my concerns and urge others to help me send this note to many of our fellow Americans. I hope some of you skilled in that process can help me pass the message on. I cannot sit by idly and let such poor legislative performance occur. There is too much at stake.

Herschel Collins Jr.