Forum Letters for June 5: Climate Action, a Walkathon in Lebanon, Big Payouts at D-H

Climate Action Is Welcomed

To the Editor:

Despite the endless discussions about climate change, gas emissions, global warming and all the clear impacts of our endless human population growth, very little has actually been done to try to reduce our horrible impact, even though it should be obvious to everyone. Finally, President Obama is trying to move ahead with a climate action plan, and the EPA has proposed some carbon pollution standards. It’s a start, and I support the president’s action to start to actually do something about carbon pollution.

Phil Bates


Healthy Salaries at the Top

To the Editor:

Here we go again! Dartmouth-Hitchcock senior administrators and physicians have given themselves huge salaries and bonuses (“D-H Paid Departing Executives More Than $3 Million in 2012,” May 25). One of the departing administrators received $699,000 as salary and $2.3 million as a separation package. The total compensation is many times the salary of our president.

These are the same people who preach controlling health care costs. Are they any different from Wall Street bankers? Isn’t it sickening?

Sikhar N. Banerjee

New London

Still Honoring Her Memory

To the Editor:

In 2012, the first annual Walkathon in Loving Memory of Natalie Perriello was held at the Lebanon High School track. She was a beloved member of the faculty and made a permanent impact on her students. To honor her memory, then-juniors Dylan Drew, Katie Colt, Haley Jones and Erin McClory came up with the idea of holding a walkathon. The 2014 walkathon is being led by the Lebanon High School Events Council in conjunction with the Lebanon chapter of the National Honor Society.

All the money raised goes toward the Perriello Children Trust Fund and the Natalie Perriello Hope Scholarship. Her children were her pride and joy, so it is fitting that some of the contributions benefit them. The Hope Scholarship is a four-year scholarship that will benefit the students her life touched.

The walkathon will be held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the high school track. Preregistration is $7 and day-of registration is $10. We want as many members of the community involved as possible. For those who can’t make it, we encourage you to make donations, which can be made out to Lebanon High School.

Registration forms can be picked up at the high school or found online at An advocate from WISE will also be present.

Riann Tang

Lebanon High School Events Council

Garcia’s Drive to Washington

To the Editor:

I read with some interest the article about Marilinda Garcia and her visit to the Upper Valley North Country (“Young, Conservative and Out to Unseat Kuster,” May 24).

While up here, she visited Cottage Hospital in Woodsville. She mistakenly blames the Affordable Care Act for having only 10 hospitals as providers. In actuality, it is the main insurance company and the hospitals that are to blame for the lack of participating hospitals. The ACA played no part in limiting the hospitals that would participate. The choice was left up to private industry.

I suspect that when the next enrollment period takes place with additional insurance companies becoming players, we will see more hospitals, if not all New Hampshire hospitals, joining in.

I also have to wonder about the “force” behind Garcia’s drive go to Washington, D.C. She is a member of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and dances to the tune that it chooses to play.

Finally, I wonder about her dedication to her constituents. This is based on the fact that in the 2013-2014 House session, for the first two votes on gambling and casinos, she stepped out of Representative Hall as the vote was called and therefore did not cast a vote either time. I am reasonably sure that her constituents did not tell her to take a walk and avoid the vote.

If she is afraid to vote her convictions for her constituents, would we be sending her to Washington with a rubber stamp for ALEC?

Karen Fesler

Democratic Chairwoman, Town of Bath, N.H.