Letter: Curb Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

Curb Pollution From Power Plants

To the Editor:

Having experienced firsthand the air pollution in both Hanoi and Beijing, I am compelled to urge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Sen. Kelly Ayotte to support the president’s Climate Action Plan.

The EPA has proposed carbon pollution standards for new power plants across the country, and according to the Supreme Court, they have authority under the Clean Air Act to do so. Recently, the Senate debated climate in an all-night session. The take-away from the debate was that the Senate still has the power to act positively on climate change. It is time to act; the era of delay and denial in Congress must end.

Setting the standards to reduce carbon pollution from power plants must be a national priority for the health and safety of future generations. Just as the EPA protects our health from arsenic, mercury and lead, the EPA can protect our health from dangerous carbon pollution. I hope you will join me in urging Sens. Ayotte and Shaheen to support the EPA’s authority to curb carbon pollution from power plants and promote clean air.

Merle Schotanus