Letter: So Many Questions

To the Editor:

I have some questions: If, according to our president, the Affordable Care Act will save $2500 off individual health insurance costs, why are school districts and towns requesting increased budgets partly due to increased health-care costs?

If the attorney general of the United States recently told the attorneys general of the individual states that if they personally felt that any part of their state constitution and/or laws were discriminatory that they didn’t have to enforce them, then why do I have to obey any law that I feel is discriminatory?

If renewable energy is the wave of our future, then why are environmental groups arguing against burning wood, wind farms and hydroelectric power from Canada?

If we are not actively pursuing energy independence at a time when there is turmoil in the Middle East, China is building a deep-water navy, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, Russia is expanding its influence in Eastern Europe and North Korea is sabre rattling, then why are we depleting our Army and Navy?

If “global warming” really exists, and it has been colder this winter than last, why has my fuel consumption and cost gone up? Ah, this one I can answer. It is now “climate change” and although the Earth’s climate has historically always been changing, I guess folks smarter than me just figured it out.

Bruce St. Peter